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MLB Jerseys US Shop - 2015 Christmas - Schoolboy, 15, suffered horrific facial burns and needed six-hour skin graft operation after being engulfed in flames when he threw bucket of water over blazing pan of chicken dippersNicholas Grovell threw a bucket of water onto a burning chip panThe hot oil exploded, engulfing the teenager in flame and hot oil The rugby mad army cadet suffered third-degree burns MLB Jerseys US Shop - 2015 Christmas after the incidentWorse still, somebody stole his iPhone 4 during the confusion caused by the fireByDarren Boyle Published: 10:29 GMT, 23 April 2014 | Updated: 15:07 GMT, 23 April 2014 81 View comments A teenage boy suffered life-changing burns to his face and arm after throwing water on blazing chip pan while cooking chicken dippers. Nicholas Grovell, 15, from MLB Jerseys US Shop - 2015 Christmas Maerdy, South Wales was preparing a late night snack when he forgot about the chip pan while watching The Big Bang Theory on television. As soon as he noticed the fire, Nicholas raced into the kitchen and threw water onto the burning oil causing the pan to flash over, engulfing him in flames. Nicholas Grovell, 15, from Maerdy, South MLB Jerseys US Shop - 2015 Christmas Wales was preparing a late-night snack but forgot about the pan Nicholas' mother Carol Taylor has been keeping a bedside vigil with her son, pictured saying he is afraid to go home at the moment Speaking after the accident, Nicholas said when he threw the water onto the pan 'there was an instant reaction and the entire kitchen was MLB Jerseys US Shop - 2015 Christmas ablaze' He was taken to the Royal Glamorgan Hospital and later transferred to a special burns unit at Swansea’s Morriston Hospital for a six-hour skin graft operation.His mum, Carol Taylor, who hasn’t left his bedside since the accident on Sunday, April 13, said: 'I can’t hug him or kiss him because of the burns.'All I can do is tell MLB Jerseys US Shop - 2015 Christmas him everything is going to be okay.'All he’s worried about is how people are going to judge him should the burns leave scars.'He’s afraid to come home at the moment and he’s very depressed. He’s so frustrated in himself at what he’s done.' Nicholas Grovell, pictured, was moved to Swansea Morriston Hospital where he underwent a six-hour skin graft MLB Jerseys US Shop - 2015 Christmas operation According to Nicholas, during the confusion somebody stole his iPhone 4 from his bedroom Nicholas said immediately after the explosion he could not feel anything because of the amount of adrenaline pumping through his body The rugby mad army cadet was alone at home after his stepfather, Dermot Taylor, drove to fetch Nicholas' mother who was babysitting her MLB Jerseys US Shop - 2015 Christmas grandchildren. RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 2 Next Woman, 43, arrested on suspicion of murder after three 'ill'... Don't ask migrants how long they're staying: Border guards... 'We can still be friends': Alex Salmond ventures into... Share this article Share The teenager went into the kitchen to fry himself some chicken dippers but after becoming engrossed in a television programme, MLB Jerseys US Shop - 2015 Christmas he forgot.When he saw the chip pan alight, in a blind panic be grabbed a bucket of water and threw it over the fire. The instant flashback has left him with third degree burns along his entire left arm. Nicholas Grovell said after the fire he could see that his arms, which suffered third-degree burns, had turned black As MLB Jerseys US Shop - 2015 Christmas soon as Nicholas, pictured, threw water on the burning oil, the chip pan exploded into a fireball inflicting third-degree burns on the teenager Nicholas' sister Emma Bull said her brother, pictured, was always particularly proud of his appearance Speaking from his hospital bed yesterday, Nicholas said: 'I went into the kitchen and saw this flame from the chip pan.'When MLB Jerseys US Shop - 2015 Christmas I threw the water over it, there was an instant reaction and the entire kitchen was ablaze.'I managed to grab the phone and contact the emergency services.'The adrenaline was so incredible that I didn’t feel any pain. I just felt like I needed to save the house.'When the fire department turned up, I sat in one of the engines MLB Jerseys US Shop - 2015 Christmas and my arm was covered in black skin. I was shocked. I take pride in my appearance and I could tell the whole of my left side was badly burnt.'He said he hoped his injuries will not prevent him from getting his dream job with the military or working with avionics in the aviation or space industry. WHAT TO MLB Jerseys US Shop - 2015 Christmas DO IF FACED WITH A FIRE?Never leave a pan unattendedIf possible use a thermostatically controlled deep fat fryerNever throw water on a hot fat fireIf safe to do so, turn off the heatLeave the kitchen Close the door behind youNever attempt to move the panEvacuate your homeDo not go back insideCall 999 Source: Royal Society for the Prevention of MLB Jerseys US Shop - 2015 Christmas Accidents (RoSPA)Mrs Taylor said she had always told her son to use a wet towel if there was a chip pan fire.'Even though he had already suffered terrible burns, Nicholas’ main concern was to put the fire out and make sure there was as little damage to the flat as possible,' she said.'He chose to save the home rather MLB Jerseys US Shop - 2015 Christmas than save himself.'He knew to drop to the floor and crawl to the front door so he wouldn’t inhale as much of the smoke.'A neighbour opened the front door of the flat after hearing Nicholas’ screams before calling the emergency services.Several community members then went into the house to open all the windows.But unbelievably, as the boy was being MLB Jerseys US Shop - 2015 Christmas treated by paramedics, someone went into his room and stole his iPhone 4.South Wales Police have confirmed they are now investigating the theft.Older sister Emma Bull, 31, said: 'He’s lucky to be alive.'Nicky is a bubbly boy with a great sense of humour who always took pride in his looks. Many people know him through his singing at school.'But MLB Jerseys US Shop - 2015 Christmas the fire has had a huge impact on him.'Just days after the horrific ordeal, the people of Maerdy rallied round in support of Nicholas and his family.Dozens took part in a sponsored walk in his honour last Friday and have so far raised £500.Mrs Taylor added: 'When my daughter told me about their fundraising, I was quiteembarrassed and completely MLB Jerseys US Shop - 2015 Christmas overwhelmed.' .